Meisterkurse, Ausstellungen und Konzerte

Ausstellung von Carry Gorney:


Working over many years as an artist, film maker, writer and psychotherapist, I have used creative arts to create and enhance communities by linking lives. My goal has always been to strengthen the threads which connect us across beliefs, across ethnicity and across time. 

My recent project, Burnt Histories, is a series of haunting collages. My great aunts had fled to England with their children, homeless, stateless carrying their embroidery and old photographs, last fragments of their vanished world. Decades later, I salvaged their ragged pieces of lace; pinning, patching and singeing them until they melted into my own painting and stitching.

By decorating their lace of another time, another place, I was tracing vestiges of their life long ago in Germany, a presence now almost beyond living memory. Joining together with my female ancestors, we have all made our domestic art, our needlework, a reminder of Europe’s burnt histories.

Doreen Maria Defeis

James Hooper

Meisterkurs Gesang

14.-19. September 2021


"Bel Canto"


Anmeldung bei Doreen Maria Defeis und James Hooper